Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Surfed with a Humpback Whale Yesterday!

You can check out a video and the article on the whale to get a better feel for what i saw.

I was sitting in the water on my board yesterday watching a whale flap his fins and spray water from his blowhole about 100 yards or less in front of me yesterday. Unreal.
I took a new California surfing friend who is visiting NZ out to Piha yesterday. The surf was small so we were hanging inside a little bit, then my friend pointed out a whale out behind the waves. I never got within probably 100 yards/meters of it.

Some of the surfers out back behind the break were paddling towards it and one surfer told me that he got within about 4 meters(10-15ft) from this whale as he came towards the cove and said he had a moment where he had no clue what he would do if it came towards him!

The whale headed back out to sea with the helicopter and lifeboats circling him after playing around for a goo 15 minutes around the beach.. Here once again is the video from the helicopter.

Crazy Good times. not sure that will ever happen again.

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