Wednesday, April 21, 2010

People's View of the US

It is interesting to see other people's opinion of the USA sometimes. A friend just sent me an article from BBC saying that the USA's popularity is rising again in the past few years from a rather negative place...
You can Read other stats and the Article Here

I know i may get slack for this opinion, but I guess my first reaction is a lethargic "what can you do?!" If you are a major world power and you have the third largest country by population i just don't think your odds are gonna be good that you are going to make everyone happy or not have a large group of people against you.

I also wonder from a theological point of view whether you would ever want to be in the majority or minority positive view point of the world's eyes.

Jesus says such contradictory statements about loving and serving everyone yet coming to take up sword and divide even close families at times, that i am not sure whether you could live out the gospel and be the most popular in the world.

just thinking out loud. now back to ground work.

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