Monday, July 19, 2010

Did i meet famous people and not even know it?

So i sitting in the LAX (might've been chicago but I think it was LAX waiting for my flight back to IN a week ago and ran into two people i think were famous:
This guy in the picture above was huge like a wrestler, had a some tattoos, and this group of guys asked to take a picture with him, i didn't know who he was so i didn't feel right asking to pose for a picture. Is this a WWE guy or someone else i should know?
at the same moment, i always like talking to the people next to me but i was sitting next to an attractive girl in normal clothes that had a wedding ring on and across from us was another guy chatting up the girl next to him and i didn't want to be that guy so i just contently played a game on my ipod instead. After awhile I was curious though, because she had ski boots on her louis vuitton carry-on so i asked where she was going and she said, "New Zealand to meet up with her team" and after i asked she said she was "a professional skiier." As she got up for the first class customers to board her plane, i quickly asked, "wait so are you well known? i didn't get your name" She humbly responded, "Lindsey Vonn" (with a kind laugh) "i don't know, maybe." and she was on the plane. I didn't know until i just looked up her name yesterday that she is a 2010 US gold medalists and that she has been on the front of Sports Illustrated and has a Facebook Fan page of like 150,000 followers among others things!

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