Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traveling & Life over July and August

Here is my life in photos the past 2 months so far!

July 1-5 Auckland, New Zealand
(Last Days)

John Gorveatte and I singing at the Gathering

Got to help Stephenie Garey get settled in her first 2 months in NZ as a missionary

Me and the guys filmed a video called "Party in the AUK" talking about Auckland. Great time just to hangout with these guys where i wouldn't normally and a memory that will last a long time. You can watch the video below but be warned, it is mainly nz phrases! :)

Dinner with the Snell Family

My Last lunch with the ATC youth

A rainbow came in at my favorite raglan view!

i love how rainbows are everywhere in the winter in NZ
Hanging out after Sunday lunch with the Els
Was able to seen a partial lunar eclipse
and see an All Blacks Rugby game with some close friends
Varun (above) was a newer friend towards the end that was able to get to know and invest in while teaching the guitar
Random adventure under the dock
Hanging out with friends before leaving
Went and hung out with the mackays before i left too and made the video below talking about other new zealand phrases. love that house

Had an amazing send off from friends. Definitely felt loved and knew i would miss them

July 5th Sydney, Australia
(Hillsong & Ben/Leen Time)
Was able to spend some downtime in Sydney before heading straight back home.
I took the train everywhere
Made some new friends and got to see some old friends like Amy in the middle above and Ben (below) and Leen who moved to Oz not too long ago.

July 9th Plymouth, Indiana
Was only home for a day :)

July 10-21 Lexington & Holden Beach, North Carolina
(Grandparents & Family Vacation)
Went to the farm with the grandparents

Had a bonfire and kayaked on the pond at midnight with my crazy cousin becca gray the night before we left!
This was the last little bit we saw pappaw and the last goodbye wave as we drove out before we would drive back for his funeral.

got to surf and goof off at the beach for a bit

July 25-29 Lexington, North Carolina
(Pappaw's Funeral & My Ordination)
Had a few days of work and rest before finding out 3 days after our return that pappaw passed away and we drove back to NC for the funeral and back up to Marion, IN just in time for me to be ordained in the Wesleyan church!
Relatives together after the funeral

August 4 Indianapolis, Indiana
(Global Partners Visit)
Able to catch up with my help on the stateside and begin to take care of all the end details of a trip

August 10-16 San Diego, California
(ECWC Camp Speaker)
I am off to San Diego Today for just under a week and then will spend a few days movie and trying to put a rough draft of an NZ book together before the big move to Michigan.

August 22 Lansing, Michigan
(1st Sunday at Lansing Faith)

This is not Faith Church in Lansing, MI that is hired me, but this is the second site/venue/campus whatever you call it that i will work closely with
and the place i am looking to move into
and the inside of the church

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junicofur said...

Wow, Brent, that is quite a bit of traveling in the last 2 months! I wish you would have shot off a flare or something when you were in Indy so I could say HI!
My housemates and I have watched your AUK music video atleast 6 times in the last 2 days! Super awesome and very creative!