Wednesday, June 01, 2011


This was my cheesy yet best analogy of my place and contribution to this world. Bedazzling something helps to beautify and contribute but it doesn't effect or make a phone or computer or whatever function. That is already taken care of. God is the one who makes this world machine run and come out on top. I just have a chance to add his love and bedazzle it up a little! :)

Its A Battle
God's Got This
I'm here to Bedazzle! :)


Rhett said...

I sense a book in this. I want to see Brent Dongell - "Bedazzle!: Discover the Fairy In You!" sitting right next to this book on the shelf of a Christian bookstore:

B said...

haha, you right i'm no T.D. Jakes and i definitely need a publicity agent and to re up my man points after this post! :)

Rhett said...

I'm no T.J. Jakes either, other than that we are the same shape.