Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trust in God rather than preparation…?

I'm preaching tomorrow and i had this thought as i was preparing on Wednesday.

I was thinking about how much the nervous bug in my stomach would have gone away if i would've just had my outline done another week in advance or studied the passage more or had one more really compelling illustration or analogy... and i felt like my thoughts (or God!) stopped me in my tracks and said.

"What are you trusting in to make this message succeed?"

This was a big slap in the face.
I was trusting in the fact that i was preaching the Word of God and the preparation and creative elements...

but i was FORGETTING The empowerment and leading of God.

preparation/study/application/creativity all matter
but probably not as much as:

Knowing God has given me the spiritual gift of teaching and that i am supposed to use in
Obedience to preach what God has revealed to me. that's most important.

A good analogy is important, but that is not what God would consider most essential. Many MANY successful sermons have been preached straight from the Word without the creativity I so often want to rely on for success.

God grant me the creativity and preparation that is important, but more, MUCH more importantly, grant me your empowerment and obedience to teach what you have called me to, and to equip who you desire(equip church) and have planned for me to equip(good works in advance)

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