Saturday, July 02, 2011

Thankful Jamaica Recap Pt. 4 of 5

Me and the team actually get to share more of this on Sunday at the DeWitt campus service, but this was the list of things i am thankful for that i started to compile with a few others while I was overseas:
Thankful for:
  • My own personal car- they can be lucky to have a family car, if not just taxi $, let alone each individual in the family owning a car
  • Money to get to school and eat
  • Parents who made Access to education (taxi's/uniform) possible
  • Pastors able to be themselves- Sounds like their are some pretty strict rules of a religion rather than relationship put on pastors at times in Jamaica
  • Ice
  • Urinals that don't splash
  • Toilets that aren't falling apart
  • Air conditioning
  • Easily accessible Hot water
  • Clean hospitals
  • Reliable Car
  • Washing machine
  • Safety on roads
  • Unending supply of water
  • Less bug spray needed
  • Shoes
  • Electricity
  • More Value in Families with one mom and dad
  • Plumbing instead of Water in barrels
  • Comfortable houses
  • Proximity- churches/school close enough to get to
  • Christian culture- the non-pressure to lose my virginity
  • Not having Innocence lost- falling into bad circumstances early because of poverty
  • Trash service- there is not a lot of recycling and mainly have burn piles there
  • Nice Grocery stores
  • Refrigerator
  • That I was Taught/know how to swim/I met a few adult Jamaicans who were scared of the ocean or couldn't swim
  • Not worried about having to be darker/lighter skin color for prejudice reasons
  • Having a Christian community/good church back home
  • Beau at Faith Church (Jim and Penny expressed their appreciation of his support)
  • Lack of Accusations- against what I've done in ministry so far
  • Lack of Distrust in the local church- I hear of a lot of people who don't trust the church anymore, but despite its flaws and humanity, i still have a wholehearted hope for its people.
Things I contemplated giving up or at least pondered whether i should be downgrading:
  • Cell phone
  • Clothes
  • How much money needs to be spent on securities

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