Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Not Getting Through But Who You're Becoming Through the Hard

I just sent in a manuscript into my publisher after five years of collecting and writing on the twenty somethings stage of life after college. Not Alone in the Unknown. The gist of the book is focusing on our perspective in this season so that we do not give up when we feel alone in the unknown in typical hard and confusing times.

One of the life lessons I solidified and learned in this process of turning the book was that:
I will never have enough money, time, or life experience to do things as perfectly as I could. All i can do is give my best for now.

God calls us to do things beyond our capabilities in faith and there is never full completion but only deadlines until heaven is finally set in place.
It is a very vulnerable thing to own a book as ready while admitting in the back of my head that this book and answers feels very incomplete and isn't my best, but my best for now. I so long for me and everything I do to be complete, but God very clearly states that i am still a work in progress in Philippians 1:6 and the He also infers that if i am born again as a Christian, that means i still have a lot of learning and growing to mature into he desires for me.

I must be willing to own my incomplete attempts at love and help as necessary to risk in order to love others well in this season. You must do the same. It's about becoming someone who accepts God's redeeming power as the perfect completer of our less than perfect sacrifices for Him.

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