Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Lie of 10% More

           The lie many people live is this: “I need 10% more to be happy.”

It was said that a survey was done asking pastors how much more they thought they would need for their church to run healthily or at full capacity and the common answer in one form or another was: “10% more... Ten percent more people, finances, time, etc.” 
            I think this is negative side of “10 percent more.” 
            The negative side of "10 percent more" steals the contentment and thankfulness of life.
            The positive side of "10 percent more" can spur us onto growth and conviction...
But too many of us live our lives in a constant negative mindset of "10 percent more" that will leave us chasing and unsatisfied our whole lives.  Instead of acknowledging that God has given us everything we need at this very moment to do what pleases Him… we live with an always 10% unsatisfied life.
To have 100 percent of what you need, to be fully accepted by Him in heaven and on earth at this moment... this is what it means to have God's love and forgiveness.
The difference ironically?
 It's being thankful without needing "10% more" completely convinced that what is, right now is more than enough… 
...while being humbled by the "10% more" still to come because God’s love always continues to stretch us to "10% more" to give us more than enough.  
 Praise be to the God... who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with EVERY spiritual blessing in Christ.

I don't fully get this, but this is what God says is true for Christians.

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