Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Stopped Tasting & Just Started Consuming

            As I slowly ate a bite of my high quality Chinese fast food, I realized it was the first time in awhile that I had “tasted” my food.  I had been so busy going and consuming, that my whole meal was going down my throat in one bite.  I haven’t been pausing long enough lately to breathe and taste the flavor on my tongue and lips.  This often simultaneously reflects a deeper problem.  Somewhere along the way, I stop tasting the flavor of life & just start consuming.  It's a crazy place to be.
            We naturally want to taste and enjoy the flavor of food/life.  But we have to combat our natural tendency to just consume.   At that moment of static consumption, it's easy to start losing the flavorful ‘taste’ of life.  I sometimes start consuming and miss the joy.  Lord, help me to feel and sense as I focus and drive.  Help me to always protect a tasteful "life" in the midst of it all. 

Because your love is better than life... I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods 
-Written By One of God's Flavorful Musicians-

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