Friday, April 04, 2014

9 Funny-But-So-True College Blind Spots

9 Funny-But-So-True College Blind Spots

1.  “I’m too busy.”  Except everyone's always busy… and online talking to friends.
2.  “I should just go out & live my dreams now. I don’t need college,” said by every ancy global minded friend in college.
3.  “After college, everything will just work out,” said the naive life picture in my head.
4.  “Having loose morals won’t affect me long-term,” said missed opportunities from one bad call in a moment of stupidity.
5.  “I wouldn't really change anything about this school,” said no entrepreneur ever.
6.  "Being mentored and mentoring are nice ideas if there's time." said the hundreds of nonexistent professional athletes who wrestle with whether they should have coach or not... Do it!
7.  "My friends are so much fun, that's all I care about." Your five closest friends will drastically affect your life trajectory, thought process, habits, and maturity (or lack thereof), have fun but choose wisely.
8.  "The food options here are so limited." #firstworldproblems
9.  "I'll pick up a new skill or life dream when I have more time." You won't have more time. It's NOW! Whether that is traveling on breaks, playing the guitar, learning a language, going on a date, or trying a new sport, the time to give it a shot is now.  Now is when you have the time and people available. Make it happen.


Unknown said...

#10. Whether I keep my dorm room organized and clean, isn't that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...

How I spend my money is no big deal . Now is spending time. Debt does not matter. #sadnesswillfollow