Wednesday, March 09, 2005

SPRING BREAK!!! dreaming

It's Spring Break! 3/4 of the IWU's campus is in Florida, my roommate is in the carribean(Picture below)

due to my knee therapy and healing i am in Plymouth, Indiana. It has been fun times with the family and good down time, but i am definitely not getting any tanner. Sorry for the shirt being off in the pictures, but honestly, if i were at the beach with my shirt off would you even give it a second thought?!?

This is where i think i am at when i put on my reef sandals or smell my surf wax

And this is pretty much the sad reality of it all! I have been reading and thinking a lot of things through, though, so time has gone quickly

sarah dignal
This is me and a fellow San Diegan raising a sandal solute to warm weather while it was snowing at a soccer game earlier this year. What a great bonding moment!

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Anonymous said...

BRent! How you doing boy? So to see the 2 of you together is wonderful. Is sarah coming back for IHC this summer? I have missed you soo much- so whats going on ? I can see you had surgery and you shaved your head haha. Good stuff- I will continue to pray for your healing. Long time no talk. I have decided that I will be attending Pt.Loma next semester- that should be fun! You have to come visit soon.
Love in Christ,