Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Deep Thought for the Day

I was thinking about how i would make God look attractive. Maybe that in itself is the wrong approach?!? Anyway, i thought about how my extrovertedness would be one of my main means to show a person that Christians can have a good time and that Christians are not hypocrytical all the time. I had a lot of different other reasons and as my thoughts were winding down i thought... not very many of my tactics in persuading people to come to the Lord would be solely on their need for him or the comfort that he gives or the sole fact that he is completely relevant to our culture! Then it made me question how much of my relationship is based not on the sole fact that i need God and that he is relevant, but on the dependece of fun personality traits or other things of little importance. How would i explain what makes God worthwhile? I sure hope that the next time the topic comes up that i don't sugarcoat it with fun or shortcuts, but with the reality and impact that GOd has made on my life: his love, joy, patience, and everything else He has given me!

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