Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Knee Is FREE!!!

I'm So Happyyyyyyyy!
Today i went to the doctor and he said i was cleared to start running and playing sports!...(cough cough within reason cough cough) What does that mean? Well i am glad you asked, because that means i will be heading on a road trip out to California in the parents car for yet another summer! Thanks Mom & Dad! That means that i will probly be getting in a little less reading, deep thinking, and blogs and getting into a little more hands on ministry. I will stay with Trace and will be working at the Shadow Mountain Kids Summer Day Camp. I will also be trying to pick up a second job to pay for living, gas, and hopefully a car by the end of the summer. Yes, pitiful but true, it is about time that by my senior year of college... i actually become responsible enough to own a car. :) I will be leaving Thursday or Friday so As for now...
Peace OUT!!!

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Anonymous said...

w00! Grats on being set free from the wrath of the knee! Ok, I will stop with the rhyming. Grats anyway!!!!