Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here i Go

The Summer Plans
I have seen a lot of friends and been getting settled in since Sunday... that includes surfing a few times, eating a phatty Carne asada burrito, IN-N-OUT, going to the rock, and seeing countless friends so far. My digital camera is getting fixed but i will have pictures soon. I am working at the summer kids day camp i have worked at way too many years :) and i am looking for a second job. It is good to be out here, but this is the first time i have tried to keep up with and really miss the company of friends elsewhere. Sorry, if i am doing a bad job so far... but life is chaotic settling in right now, but i hope i miss you friends.Don't get me wrong life is good, and i am praying that the Lord could use me out here... i just wish some of you could share this experience with me and help those who are hurting.


Charissa :) said...
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Charissa :) said...

Hey Brent!
I stumbled across your blog through Brandon and Jen's site. It sounds like you've had an exciting summer so far. That is great that you are counseling at a day camp in Cali. What an amazing opportunity to show kids the love of Christ! I'll try to remember you in my prayers. May you be BOLD for HIM this summmer!!
In CHRIST, <><
Charissa :)

Eph. 3:20-21- Expect God to exceed your expectations!

Anonymous said...

Brent, Nana, Pappaw and Aunt Esther have just checked out your blog site from Oct. 31 to summer. We think youre cute!!! Nana,says, oh to be young again. Sounds exciting. Pappaw says I'm glad to see you getting back to normal with all your activities. We'll check you out again soon. Pappaw is walking without his cane in the house now. Love ya, Aunt Esther