Thursday, June 02, 2005

Are we setting ourselves up for failure?

My thought. up through elementary school even jr.high people receive the physical touch they need from their family. Through High School they receive this tough from friends and later on in life Americans receive their touch from their marriage partner hopefully. But what about that high school and college age? Are we depriving ourselves of physical touch in the Christian world? I know of girls in the dorm that cuddle all the time. I know there have also been times for me personally where girls have looked attractive to me just because i wanted that touch. But with homosexuality coming more into the picture, it seems that physical touch among same sex friends, especially guys is even discouraged. It seems only logical to say then that a lot of us are deprived of physical touch at this age. If we don't find a healthy way to find this touch, it scares how far i have seen other people go to find it. So where is this physical touch supposed to come from? Dating Relationships? Should we encourage that? or is it a time in one's life where we are supposed to wait as singles so that marriage (if it comes)will be that much more special? Or is it from same sex friends? I don't know whether this is a spiritual issue or a pyschological(developmental life stage)issue. I don't have an answer, so if anyone has any idea i would appreciate it... as for me... if any body needs a hug, I'll be your friend! :)


Lynne Howard said...

Hey Brent! I am glad you are finally FREE again! Hope you have fun this summer! I am having fun and working hard in CO. I read a book about a month ago called "Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would" I am sorry I forget who wrote it, but I could find out if you are interested. It talked quite a bit about what you talked about in your post, from a Christian perspective. It is interesting! Let me know if you wanna borrow it or something! Hope things are goin well for ya. Later, Anne

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, Good to hear your finally free! I know exactly what your talking about with the whole touch thing. And I believe your right with the whole setting ourselves up for failure. Most of us where encouraged and brought up with both parents, or at least one parent who recieved love in a physical way through hugs or kisses. I've been wondering the same thing about people now of day's. It seems more and more that you can't show this physical side to the opposite sex in fear of leading someone on and rumors flying around campus at the speed of light about your two's exclusive relationship that's been going on secretly for month's now. You can't share this with most guys due to the Homophobic gene that has seemed go be inbeded in all guys coming out of our generation. Every once in awhile, you'll find someone who is cool with it, and me, being a hugging type of guy, often freak most people out. There's nothing quite like the look on someone's face after you've given them a hug, and you can tell that they havn't been touched since they where like six. It's that look of shere terror that let's you see how backwards this world has gotten. So I guess the only answer that I have for us is... Huggers unite! Start a hugging epedimic around the world. We'll start breaking down this phobia one person at a time!
or, we can just not do that, and maybe consider that we're a bunch of weird O's!

Jon said...

I've come to realize that there is no other symbol of true friendship and 'brotherly' love than when two guys hug each other in greeting. In this day and age of a homophobic world, it is a symbol of vulnerability and a true display of healthy affection. I might not be a "hugger" myself but I do enjoy being on the receiving end.