Sunday, January 22, 2006

Logos 05

Over Christmas break i got to be apart of the security staff that helped run the Wesleyan Churches Youth conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

What the Stage looked like


Me workin the signing booth and workin it well! :)


Dan Bellinger
It will be fun to see where he goes in the Wesleyan Church. he is sharp... and he apparently loves buffalo wings
I was lucky enough to get to pick up Something Like Silas up from the airport. They were a band who lead worship out in Cali on Sunday evenings that i always listened to, so it was amazing to get to talk to them and know the personally

Me with Something LIke Silas

Amy, Me, and Joy Hurlow
Janelle, Kelly, and Me

Me and the Olsons
Mitch is Travis Hobbs boss and the Head student ministries pastor at Hillside Wesleyan Church in Michigan

Me, Travis Hobbs, & Lance Young

Lance & Travis
THis is how it should be. Lance and Travis are pastoring at different churches but met up at this conference. This was an all too familiar picture of them growing up... together!

Alli Walls and Me

leaving logos

Kelly worked the promo booth for Oklahoma Wesleyan University with one of her good friends Caroline who also works there. They were entertained by each other to say the least.

Caroline Southworth and her husband Kevin

Me and Kel again

Oh, sibling love

Me and My Sis
Kelly and Caroline

Kelly, Caroline, and an OWU RA

Me and Gale Richmond

Security is serious work


Kelly and Caroline at Work
It was good to see Kel and enjoy the trip. I love my family.

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