Sunday, January 22, 2006

Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas on Sunday a little but mostly the Family celebrated Christmas the day after Christmas this year. Jennifer and Brandon gotin Christmas night so the whole family could be together.
When Brandon and Jennifer got home Brandon was ready to go so we went sledding in front of the house. Build a little jump, make a fool of yourself, and it is always good times

brandon and Jennifer home

nice air

Here is our Christmas Day

Christmas pictures

Christmas Lunch

apples to apples
If you have never played the game Apple to Apples. I highly recommend it as a group game. It is a fun one because of the interaction within the group.

Christmas Boxers
We are all sporting our Christmas Boxers
And sure enough, my dad would not let this Christmas go by without some kind of chaos so he bought us all nerf guns and let the fun begin
Nerf Gun War

you're a gonner

nerf gun war


At the end of Christmas around New Years, Kelly's new boyfriend, Brenton(the soccer coach at Oklahoma Wesleyan) came to meet and spend a couple of days with the family

the family and Brenton
It was a full Christmas to say the Least!


Lynne Howard said...

Yay for Kelly! He is cute! Brent, lets hang out some time and catch up, I wanna hear about this guy :) -Anne

Shatford Luke said...

Kelly's man is HOT!!!!! Any chance you could pass that message along for me? Thanks!!!!