Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I graduated!

funny basket
I was going by a church close to Indiana Wesleyan and found this basket in the back. i thought it had character and thought you might enjoy.

tom lehman
Just another doodle. This was my macroeconomics teacher. This was the one class that i almost didn't pass and graduate, but i pulled it out and graduated with honors. 3.52GPA Yeah baby!

aaron cloud, tyler green, levi huffman, julia hurlow, kyle scott
These are friends of mine that i met up with after graduation. aaron and tyler will be RA's in Hodson Hall next year. Levi was my RD(boss), Julia was a good friend since my freshmen year.

me and my mom and dad
The parents are always the best support. It has been nice having them close. jen and Brandon are busy in South Dakota and just couldn't quite make it down. Kelly was busy with her last weekend with the girls down at Oklahoma Wesleyan. I know they both wanted to make graduation, but growing up seems to get in the way over time.

abby, micah, rachael, and kristen
These were all close friends who all graduated with me this year. Abby and i have been hanging out lately, but who knows what will happen when i go to San Diego this summer and then a future job wherever this next year.

the best picture ever
One of my friends took this over Spring Break in Florida. and i really don't have to say anything. It is the best picture ever!

Single... you know it.
This picture just makes me laugh to.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on graduating, Brent. I am proud of you.

I probably wont see you again before you take off into the world, so I just wanted to wish you the best. I will be pryaing for you and for God's guidance in your life.

You are a great person, filled with a lot of energy. Stay cool, and keep on smiling!

~Jenn :)