Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So i bought a macbook which has been an amazingly fun toy except for the fact that i cannot connect it to the internet where i live and i am too lazy to travel around to where i get wireless to take the time to blog in my free time. And this is what you get... a poorly thought out blog with no pictures that is only updated once a month. If you are still reading... props to you. Have fun helping me figure out my life. The kids Day camp i work at out here right now ends this friday. The jr. high youth pastor summer commitment ends at the middle of august and might continue if they don't find a new youth pastor by then until November. If they find someone i will hopefully being doing construction. Either way i am enrolled in 9 credits at the Azusa Pacific Branch Down here in San Diego. THe plan is to be going to New Zealand in December- January time for about 6 months. God has been nudging me that way for a long time, but i was and am hesitant in trying to be practical and yet completely stoked. I will be going to volunteer and hopefully serve in the wesleyan church plants down there. There are still a lot of details to work out, but it will be sweet. Dan Eggenschwiler, Kyle Scott, & Max Shutt from Indiana Wesleyan University are all contemplating going down as well which would be an amazing community if that happened. As to what i have been learning: It always seems that in my car i wished i could blog because i have all of these incredible thoughts and then i sit down in front of a computer screen and become dumb.. ya know? You know what i am sayin'? Just went and saw Step Up in the theaters... couldn't stop dancing afterwards!!! Great dancing, but seems to live up to the cheesy cliche movie about some guys living in the ghetto. So i give the plot 2 stars and the dancing 4 stars. God is working as always. It is crazy. Some friends and i are talking to a guy about God and he was going to come here one of our favorite evangelists Miles McPhereson. He lives one exit down the freeway from the church but get this, he gets in a fender bender on the way there... no lie!!! You want to talk about your spiritual warfare! I had teens, families, and friends praying for this guy and his journedy especially over the next month and he can't get to church a block down the road... all in God's timing. I love my family and friends. you don't realize how much of blessing and how much of an uplifter it is to here and be with your family until they aren't around as much. I just have had this genuine appreciation for the encouragement and energy i receive from my family. My uncle will becoming up this Sunday to run a half marathon with me down by the coast. I have to do somework now, but if you are getting frustrated with things... make sure to just take a step back, look at the sky, and take a big breath. Chances are your whole body is going to be shouting out God Is GOOD!


Dan Eggenschwiler said...

Oh Brent...sounds like you're having a blast as always. And come on, I'm not contemplating here ;). Anyway, I didn't read anything about ultimate in there...have you decided to try any of those spots yet? Well, give me a call soon, I want to start hitting up connections over in NZ pretty heavily (finding out about housing, jobs, drums, where to help out, etc.). So let me know anything you've found out, and I can't wait to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I love you brent dongell! School is starting soon. The RA's are getting here and it's kinda weird not having ya around, But God tells me your having the time of your life out there. Don't be a stranger. Talk to ya soon
-Chris C.