Saturday, March 01, 2008

Our Life's Goal...

I was running and i had this thought that i am still working through, but it was definitely a moment of clarity and connection with God.

The thought was this:

Man's Life's Aspiration is to Live out and Love God's agenda for our lives.

It is a work in progress so feel free to criticize and challenge.
For instance, my cousin Becka didn't necessarily agree with always being able to love God's agenda for your life being the goal.
I was thinking in Outline form so bear with me.

Everyone lives their life with some worldview or motto or goal to be successful
•The Goal is To be successful- whatever that looks like for them
o Examples
• To enjoy live
• To help others
• To get rich
• To not worry about money
• To be healthy
• To have friends
• To defy the world’s expectations

How do we know what is God’s agenda?
o We must know and grow to understand God better.
• Who is he?
• What does he ask?
• What does he value?
• Basically: What is his will?
o Must know ourselves
• Who has God made us to be?
• How has he uniquely made us?
• How am I to help others in this world?
• Basically: What is his will and how has he created me to be involved?
o We must understand the story
• What is the story of history?
• What role do we play the universe’s timeline?
• Basically: What is his will for humanity?

How do we Live God’s Agenda
o We must trust God
• How do I know he won’t make me do something I don’t want to?
• How do I know he will make everything work out?
• How do I know when I have done my part?
• How do I know what season I am in?

How do we Love God’s Agenda
o God’s agenda must become ours
• Justice
• Worldly sacrifice
• Victory
• True Freedom
• To Enjoy in God’s Beauty
o God’s heart must become ours
• We must love as he loves (
• We must see as he sees (2 Corinthians 4:16-18)
• We must value as he values (
• We must prioritize as he prioritizes
• We must act as he would act
o We do this because it is not only God’s agenda & desires but it is also becoming ours


Courtney Day said...

Maybe I've said this before...but I am impressed,
you are an avid list maker.

Anonymous said...

hey brent! this is exactly what I'm preaching on Sunday morning at church! You've given me some good insights that will help me with my sermon. Hope you're doing great!