Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Overcoming a childhood fear...

I have always had stage fright.
and this last Sunday I made a huge step to overcoming that!
Growing up, while i took piano lessons, my mom tried to get me to go to piano recitals. I remember refusing, my mom telling me i had to go at one point, but then not making me when she saw how fearful and avid i was about not getting up in front of people.

Speaking freaked me out and still makes me nervous.
The idea of losing my place in the middle of a piano recital just freaks me out.

Anyways, this last Easter Sunday i was playing the keyboard with the worship band. I had only really been a filler up until this point, but during the Sunday morning practice Josh asked me to keep playing while the rest of the band faded out on "How Great thou Art." During practice, I totally botched it the first time we tried, then i did okay during the second try.

Josh had NO CLUE what he was really asking me to do or how big of a deal this was in my head!!!

I got up there on Easter morning, stuck to my basics and did it! Not great, there was one awkward lead in, but i didn't ruin the moment. It was good and although it was only 20 seconds of a worship set that happens every week in reality... it was A HUGE step for me!


sara jean said...

I totally can releate! I just started using guitar in worship in two services at makes me soooo nervous too! Praise God He gives us courage.

jeanie said...

Well done!!! Looks we may just have scored ourselves another keyboardist at cession....?
Just kidding...but well done again!

B said...

ha. i would rather play the guitar or bass but i am definitely willing!

Kelly Benware said...

Way to go bro; I would never do that!