Saturday, August 16, 2008

CA Trip

I had a great time out in San Diego with Jamie and her family.
The first morning i was able to wake up extra early and spend some time surfing with Trace and his cousin Ben down at Imperial Beach.

On Jamie's birthday we went downtown to see Phantom of the Opera at the Civic Center. That was my first opera/broadway experience. Really good.

On Monday Jamie and i were able to catch up with our mutual friend Katie to take the ferry across the harbor and hangout in Coronado and Seaport Village.
Jamie took me out to dinner down in Little Italy to an italian restaurant that made you feel like you were in Italy. We ate with her friend's Cori and Mike who just got back from their honeymoon in Fiji and i had my first experience with trying gnocchi.
On Tuesday night i was able to visit my old high school and play a little basketball with Trace and jesse Lebeau. Jamie lived practically her whole life of school from preschool through college here!
On the last day, Jamie and i spent the day with her parents Tom and Jan. We went and saw Wall-E and out to PF Changs for a great dinner afterwards
loving the dessert!

Jamie and i both got our fair share of sun. I love how active the culture is in San Diego. Never a dull moment in San Diego or with Jamie's family!

Now i am back and finishing up school work before midnight!

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Anonymous said...

CUTE! when is her birthday? same day as mine and lynne's? Aug. 16? Sounds like fun. San Diego is fun. I was there last summer for 2 months. Miss it! Have fun in NZ!!!