Wednesday, August 20, 2008

t-shirt styles

Quick update... my computer is getting worked on before i go to New Zealand so my blogging and emails will be less these next two weeks.

Just recently i somehow found a new interest in design. I never really thought about it and then one day i pieced some things together, and realized i like variety and bright colored shirts, so i slowly added color to my closet.

Well today, i was complimented on my t-shirt style and it was used as an example for looking at todays styles so i was inspired to look at my new t-shirts compared to my old and decided to pass on my thoughts...

some of you will roll your eyes, some will be impressed, but hopefully you have as much fun as i did being a dork.

The Quicksilver t-shirt (pictures 1 & 2) is how most of my older tshirts looked with a centered logo on the front and enlarged centered logo on the back.

The rest of the tshirts are more recent purchases.
None of them have print on the back and they are all off centered and seem to fade or have more "weight" to one side of the pattern,

and all except for this t-shirt have patterns that continue into the collar of the tshirt
as you can tell multiple layers and sketchy abstract are in, at least for my taste of t-shirts.

and that is as far as my style critiquing will go today.. or maybe even forever depending on the responses i get from people! :)

and "Yes" if your asking. "Even i shake my head at myself sometimes!"


Anonymous said...

you better leave this "metrosexualness" in the USA...we dont feel comfortable with that here!

sara jean said...


Anonymous said...

Hahah!! That's great Brent. You're awesome! Does anyone know if it is cool to have a small, tiny bit of print on the back of a shirt, near the collar?

B said...

geoff davies, i know the metro comment was from you... and although you play the tough guy, you know you can't wait to see me!