Monday, August 25, 2008

NZ update 2- I bought my plane ticket!

It is happening! This last Thursday i bought my plane ticket to leave a week from Thursday (Sept 4) for New Zealand.

Here is a quick outline of the next two weeks:
August 25 Mon Thank yous and loose ends
August 26 Tues Packing & call churches for last support
August 27 Wed Youth group
August 28 Thurs Online School work
August 29 Fri Packing
August 30 Sat Spend time with Friends
August 31 Sun Church & Blueberry Festival Fireworks
September 1 Mon Run 5k with Dad and Brandon and enjoy Blueberry Festival
September 2 Tues Pack
September 3 Wed Pack
September 4 Thurs Fly from Indy to San Diego
September 5 Fri Have a Good bye Dinner with friends at the beach
September 6 Sat fly from San Diego to LA to Fiji
September 7 Sun flying
September 8 Mon Arrive in NZ at 11:55am


Rachel said...

isn't it crazy that you are literally flying all day's like it never insane!

Anonymous said...

NZ lock up all your women and children!

Anonymous said...

have a great and safe trip buddy! we'll be thinking of you!