Thursday, March 26, 2009

Connecting Through Surfing

So anyone that knows me, knows that i use my recreation as the easiest way to connect, teach, and enjoy other people.
Well this last weekend, i was able to take 7 others down to a batch overnight on the east coast of New Zealand called Tairua. This was the sunset on Saturday from the place.
The first night we went out to the beach adn the stars were beautiful, here was my picture of the southern cross
I was testing out the waters on teaching people how to surf because i have had so many people that are interested in learning. So i organized this trip to see how i would do.
I was also really excited about the group. Vanessa and B are twins from Vanautu and Vanessa helps out with a Nazerene youth group that the Wesleyan churches have tried to be working more closely with. It was fun to see them connect with Paul who is the youth pastor at the church where i am at cession|community. Daniel(between them) is their good friend and also goes to cession. Jason is one of the teens in the youth group and it was good to see him stretch himself. Rachel (to the left) is a youth leader with Paul, and Evy is now a good friend who is my surfing buddy and was helping teach a little. He gave a morning thought about how the waves are like our lives that was really thought provoking, which was also awesome and a big step for him.
It was cool to see the group gel together and to see new and deeper friendships being formed. God was awesome for providing a good and safe weekend. On a social front it was a total success. On a surfing front, I wish the first time surfers would've stood up, but it was a good learning step to see what i am capable of in leading. Cool.

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junicofur said...

That sounds like an awesome time! I'm sure you were a great instructor. Keep leading!