Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Peanut Butter and Jelly/Jam Dilemma

Strawberry or Grape?

Which goes on a PB & J sandwich?

Since i was raised on grape, i just assumed that grape was the standard.

I was thrown off when two American girls outnumbered me over here in NZ in shock, saying they grew up on Strawberry and pointing to me as the outsider for having grape spread on my PB & J's instead of strawberry!

I know there may not be a right or wrong here, but i am just curious as to what the average person grew up on.

I mean it is not end of the world, but IT IS!!! That is breaking one of my stronghold assumptions and beliefs for about 20 years of my life!

It is called Peanut butter and Jelly (in US) & Peanut butter and Jam (in New Zealand)
Jelly in NZ is what Americans call jiggly Jello


Lynne Howard said...

grape. you're right, brent. But then again, my mom can't stand anything strawberry that might explain why we didn't have strawberry jam/jelly.

Levi said...

Are you kidding? Raspberry is the only way!

junicofur said...

Well ... I can't remember what I was raised on. I usually buy strawberry over grape, but eat which ever is available at the time. It's the peanut butter I am picky about, not the jelly.