Monday, March 02, 2009

The Hinterman's visiting were a nice reminder of Home

(Brett & Kristen Jones on the outsides holding their two kids Rhys and Raegan, and Kristen's parents Chris & Marcia Hinterman)
I work with Brett and Chris works with my brother in law Brandon Bruce for those not in the loop.

This last Monday I was able to go and say goodbye to Chris and Marcia Hinterman with the Jones' family at the airport. It was amazing how quickly 6 weeks can go! They were here and then they were gone. I got to spend some good time talking to Chris about my time over here as a missionary with cession|community which was good since Faith Church in Lansing, MI has been a huge support for me being over here, but I did not see them nearly as much as i might have suspected.

They left definitely left their traces though. The Jones' place has been transformed with their help including newly painted walls, a fresh deck, a redone bathroom, etc. The whole house was a construction laundry party for about six weeks running!

Chris also brought over a digital camera from Faith Church to replace the one that was stolen a few months back. This is why you have begun to see me post pictures again! Such a blessing and need. They also brought me videos of Jaylon from Jen and Brandon around Christmas time.
I loved it so much that I compiled the videos for you to see. I repeated my favorite part in the movie to make sure you didn't miss how hilarious my nephew is!

It has been cool to see especially in the last month how God has provided in my life and prayer requests.


Lynne Howard said...

OOHHH! Brent that is the sweetest video ever, I love iT! DO you have any more of Jaylon?! He's so cute! I love seeing (hearing) his mommy and daddy too, that was such a fun video! Jaylon's getting to be such a big boy, I can't believe it!

Anonymous said...

I want one! No actually, I just want to steal Jaylon! Jen and Brandon have another one coming, so maybe they won't notice if I steal adorable little Jaylon! I love him! SO cute! He looks so much like his uncle Brent!