Friday, September 18, 2009

Adventure mainly comes from Activity

I was just thinking this morning that most of my adventures have come from being active or around other active people.

Two nights ago a guy named Ryan Thorpe was mentioned. Basically the description given of this guy is that when he is around, you always end up randomly going out and having a good time.

Yesterday, Paul Milbank and I went out for a surf on our day off and i found that the adventure made itself as we simply put ourselves out there by just being active and going.

This doesn't mean that other people's lives are less interesting or adventurous if they don't live how i live, but simply to say, if you're in need of an adventure, it always helps for you to make something happen or put yourselves around people who are.

These are pictures from Stockade Hill. If you live in the Pakuranga or Howick area and never get up there, that's a sin. Not literally... but you definitely have a great view and an amazing place to visually pray over your community and just find God in a place of serenity right under your noses.

Also, i just love the landscape of New Zealand.


Lynne Howard said...

Brent, that's what is awesome about YOU- wherever you are, that's where the fun is! You are a catalyst for fun and adventure, and it's contagious for whoever is around!

kannan said...
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