Friday, September 18, 2009

Rough Few Weeks

If you noticed i haven't been blogging a lot the past month, you're right. I thought finishing my Master's would make me more productive, but i had the reverse effect at the beginning.

Nothing devastating or absolutely horrific has happened over the past few weeks, but it has just been a rough patch of trying to figure out what my new routine will look like with the new free time and mental focus. Plus i think i just went on internet shutdown a little.

It is interesting though. I was talking to a friend whose mom had me on her heart and had been praying for me specifically over the past little bit. Amazing how God works like that. Thanks for all those that continue to support me through prayer and encouragement.

But i am doing good and in a good head space and feeling encouraged as of late which is crucial since there are so many really awesome opportunities just laying in front of me.

Before i move completely past it,
My Last Paper that i had to turn in was on The Gospel in Culture(you can read it here). It is long, like 20 pages, but I think it would be a helpful read if it sounds interesting since i learned a lot in the process of even just writing it and the reading quotes from other people. It also includes short quotes from Brett Jones and Frank here in New Zealand!


BJ said...

Wow, you quoted me! I think this may be a world first. Actually, Rhett has probably quoted me heaps but just not told me...

Hannah said...

Hey I read your paper, it was really good. I liked the analogies you gave, the monkey and the fish, and your quote "its about marrying intimacy with God with involvement in His world."
Thanks for the inspiration.