Friday, September 18, 2009

Some New Undertakings

Some of the consistent things that i will be giving my focus and free time now that my master's is done are:

Supporting cession|community more:
Cession is a great church with a lot of fun people, and this is a first impressions team dinner where i laughed til it hurt. It will be good to see this place continually reach out and grow not only in numbers but its depth as it continues to shape.


I have the opportunity to meet with about 6 boys from an alternative education program between 13-16 years old to share life lessons with a Christian slant. Basically, this these guys last chance at school because they have been removed from the public school system due to some of their bad choices or mistakes and this is there last chance to return back to those schools, continue through alternative courses, or hopefully transition into a job. It is through ATC Train Me and you can read the first 6 week trial course starting up in two weeks here: Pilot Course
I would love your help or feedback if you have any on revising this since it is a work in progress.

Becoming Domesticated: Cooking and Mowing

Living in the new place has brought on some new fun. I decided i need to get better at cooking so i am looking at making Thursday nights an open meal where i cook and have people come over to just hangout or teach me a new recipe or something new about cooking if they feel so inclined.

Also, i tried out a new lawn mowing tool here in New Zealand. I always used a weed wacker back home but here people use an edger sometimes. I feel like i look like a complete idiot when i try and use this, but i decided i had to give it a go and i am okay being the neighborhood entertainment. Here was the final product:

Help out with National Wesleyan Church where i can:
Since the Wesleyan churches are still young and expanding. There are so many openings that can be filled as to youth pastor roles, volunteering, and improving our summer youth camp called Ignite. I will continue to serve where ever and however i can.

My perspective has changed a little bit on this one. I definitely have avenues where i am meeting new people constantly and trying to get them connected and involved with church, but more and more i am looking to support local people who are doing this more. Not knowing how long my stay in New Zealand will be after this term, it is essential that i am not building up just my "own" friendships, but that my friendships and connections are connected to other local friends and people in the church so that longevity and consistency in one's spiritual journey and walk happens.

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Lynne Howard said...

How awesome that you're cooking!! Your wife will appreciate that some day! I bet you're a great chef!!