Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Appreciating My Family

I also forget how much fun my family is until i am back around them! My Dad and i got to bungee jump of the harbor bridge which was awesome. Here is my video:

I also just enjoyed laughing and joking around with my parents. I told my mom that i wanted to swim out to this island by the harbor bridge the first day they were here and it became an ongoing joke whether i could make it or not. My dad would do it with me, my mom thinks i will die by ship or shark. :)It was really fun for my parents to meet the Mackays. The mackays have especially been my NZ family since i first arrived so it was fun to have dinner and hangout together.
It was Great having my parents around a couple of weeks ago. It reminded me how much a supportive family means to me and makes a difference.

My Mom: Came in one morning while i was asleep all chipper and said, "Oo.. i get to wake my boy up!" she proceeded to tell me a few huge compliments from different people and it was just a great way to start off my day. I also enjoyed grocery shopping with them the last night. My mom was trying to get me like 6 tomatoes to take care of my grocery needs for life and my dad was the realistic one saying "Reata, he's not gonna eat over two or three before they go rotten."
Gotta love and need both of these people in your life.

My Dad: Is just awesome. He was great at meeting people and joking around. I also received feedback from the local pastors here saying that he had some really good insights about the churches and that he was rather on to it. It is always fun to hear his thoughts and observations because he is always watching his surroundings and taking in the random animals, plants, hidden places, and how the businesses and people work. Apparently he was the main entertainment for the WIF board that came over as well.

It was really good for them to just see where i live and to be able to connect faces and names now. so good.
Jennifer and Kelly: I miss these two and need to talk to them asap. Sorry, sisters, love you and can't wait to talk. Anyways, both of them had hearts for the Lord and led by example in a way that made me want to follow. Also, although they were embarrassed of me as a boy sometimes, they were always proud of me as their brother and believed in me as an athlete and person which really made a difference.


Dan Eggenschwiler said...

Still thinking about the swim to the island, huh? Someday it will happen. Someday.

junicofur said...

Wow Brent! Your bungie jumping experience looks terrifyingly-amazing! I sky dived for the first time last month and that was incredible! Bungie jumping would take a lot more convencing for me though ...