Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hanging out with People

ATC Trainme
For those praying for this first meeting with the guys in the alternative education, thank you, it went amazing! Seriously. We spent about a half an hour talking about what it meant to "put yourself in others shoes" and to see things from their point of view. Then we spent a half an hour playing rugby with the guys. It was a great balance and chance to build good relationships. (You know how us guys are sometimes, we probably grew closer and bonded more in the half an hour of not talking and just running around than we will in the entire time we talk together the following 5 weeks!)
Sorry, no pictures yet but soon.

Youth Group
Here is a picture of the cession youth after rock climbing on Monday night. Paul to the right is the youth pastor and Rachel in the purple is the girls' leader.
After Church Hangout
This is a group from cession eating at Denny's after church. I love times like this.
Yes. New Zealand has Denny's as well and it is the only restaurant really open after 9pm outside of pubs and McDonalds drive thru. :)

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Horray for Rock Climbing!