Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Week This Week: A Big Week!

Last 2 Weeks:
Parents Visit-
It was so encouraging and good to have my parents around for a week during their visit. It was very refreshing and just all around enjoyable.
ATC Trainme-
These 14-16 year old guys are continuing to open up during this hour slot Paul, Ben, and I have with them. This week we had 4 of the guys express interest in going to our Christian summer camp. Don't know if it will actually happen, but what an incredible connection and breakthrough if even one guy does! I have yet to get a picture of them, but will do this soon.

This Week:
Equip Youth Leaders Seminar-
This weekend is the annual Wesleyan leader equipping conference. I have different responsibilities of teaching a seminar and setting up a few other logistics.
Half Marathon-
Me and four others from cession|community are running a half-marathon this weekend. It will be the first half marathon the four others have ever run and it will be a great experience to share and conquer together!Flying to Christchurch-
Through a few really cool connections it turns out that next Mon-Wed i will head down to Christchurch. This idea of this Christchurch planting is where the whole idea and calling of New Zealand first started with me. I have no clue as to what God actually wants to teach me through this trip as to whether it is a future opportunity or simply a growing experience but your prayers are appreciated.

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