Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Most Pet Peeves

I grew up trying not to have too many things that annoy me, but as i get older my list has grown a little bit :) so i decided to put my top ten list of annoying things together. This has been a week long process, but i finally have a solid list so here it is!!! I hope it entertains you :)

My Top 10 Most Annoying things

  1. Speed bumps.
  2. When people walk by or beside you and they are intentionally having to try and ignore your presence by looking the opposite way or looking to the ground to avoid eye contact or conversation.
  3. A zit on the nose.
  4. Using a bathroom with thin walls that is right next to where everyone else is at.
  5. The continuous car beep when the front seatbelt is undone, the van is reversing, or the keys are left in the ignition while you are just trying to listen to music with the door open.
  6. Burning the top of your mouth or biting the inside of your cheek repeatedly.
  7. The awkwardness of pulling up next to someone you know at a red light after the 5 seconds of the surprise excitement runs out and you awkwardly don’t know whether to keep talking or to pull forward so there is no pressure to keep conversation going.
  8. Getting honked to hurry up when you are already rushing to do something in the house.
  9. Serious or spiteful sarcasm with an added smile.
  10. Getting hit by a shopping cart on the heel of your foot.


Leslie Bettino said...

you're funny : ) this is so lame, but i get really peeved when i buy a soda at a restaurant that is self serve and has run out of syrup. then you tell the front workers and they say they'll add more and then don't. waste of $1.50. I feel like that happens to me a lot? i feel you on the awkward stoplight conversations : )

B said...

haha. i am with. the drink never makes up for the post traumatic stress :)

Anonymous said...

I came up with 5:
* Listening to someone bite their fingernails
* A perky person early in the AM
* Mosquitoes
* A car riding my tail and then when I pull over, they pull over behind me
* I agree on the car honking for me to hurry outside. That's a NO!
That's for starters,