Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If You Want to Listen To My Latest Sermon

Just over a couple of weeks at cession|community ago I preached on Judgement. It was a sermon that i received a lot of cool responses about. If you want to listen to the sermon you can click here and it should start downloading.

They included about 10 minutes of testimony before my actual sermon just as a heads up and also, towards the beginning, when i ask "what are your honest opinions about this?" i have on a crazy pair of American flag pants.

It was for a series called The Apprentice discussing whether you had what it takes to follow Jesus standard of living in terms of gossip, judgment, and revenge.

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Lynne Howard said...

AWESOME Sermon, B! I loved how you used the driving example to illustrate throughout the sermon. Great conviction and truth. I'd love to hear more of your sermons if you post the links!