Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me Rambling

3 funny things happened this last Thursday:
  1. I made a friend a worship cd to practice the piano with the songs. When I asked him about it, he said thanks, and went on to explain that he has had trouble sleeping and that he played one of those cds and it put him right to sleep!!! hahaha that wasn't exactly what i had in mind, but i guess that works to.
  2. I was having so much fun singing to a song in my van at a stoplight today, that the 2 girls and guy in the car next to me had rolled down their window to try and here what i was listening to! Now that is dedication to car dancing! What was i listening to? A random American song that i have been newly enlightened to called "Mysterious Girl" by Peter Andre. :)
  3. A random remembrance: There was a girl i remember being extra flirty when i was back in the US like 3 years. I finally pinpointed it one day that one of the main things she did that made her this way was that she would never look at you straight face to face but would always look out at you from the side or the corner of her eyes. Just a random observation.

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