Thursday, January 09, 2014

Haiti Youth on The Move

The Youth Leaders Convention is done and the Haiti Youth Leaders Are On The Move.
This Youth Leader's Convention was Ground Breaking from the perspective of many leaders involved.  165 Youth Leaders of all ages and levels of education from all over Haiti coming to Port-au-Prince and then being sent out to focus their youth groups on reaching the 13-20 year olds (jr. youth) being lost in their churches. 
  This is Number 1 of 4 Trainings that will happen every 6 months for the next 2 years.   Carl and Maya Gilles with Global Partners are coming alongside of the youth board (sitting below) who are the solid local leaders making it happen on the ground. 

 This was the closest thing to a large youth camp/convention that many of these leaders have experienced.  Their feedback sheets ooze with people making spiritual commitments, being challenged, and this revolutionizing the way they'll begin to lead in their church/ youth groups in the future.
The Projected Aftermath (in my opinion):
  1. A New wave of youth ages 13-20 being saved (where it's been people after 20 years old being saved and taking leadership more seriously here.
  2. There were multiple people who received Christ, and an even greater number of leaders committing to full-time life of ministry.
  3. For many this gave a New Confidence and Clarity to revolutionize their youth groups from a Sunday afternoon social time for all ages to a focused ministry to save the missing next generation with a healthy balance of outreach events and smaller accountability groups.
  4. A Huge New wave of Youth Leaders stepping up in their 20's or 30's who have not felt empowered in their churches and simply still attend because their considered youth.  This 4 part training really will be the base of training up the next generation of lay leaders and many lead pastors concerning youth ministry (many don't have access to resources or biblical training anywhere in Haiti or online yet).
John Vermilya from KBM (who grew up in Haiti speaking Creol) was the night speaker.  He absolutely tore it up!
The camp was held at Global Outreach's Camp Barnabas in Haiti
(Below) The Haiti Youth Leaders waited in line for 30-45 minutes simply to receive an optional printed Bible reading plan.

 The Caton's Island team (below) run the Wesleyan church's only summer camp on an island that I'm aware of.  They left yesterday after leading the outdoor camp activities and breakout sessions. 
Last but not Least, Hanging Out With Cute Kids Overseas is always a necessity.  These are two of Carl and Maya's girls:

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