Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Take For Granted Our Youth Pastors

No Youth Pastors = Teens Absent In Church.

While visiting Haiti, the cultural norm of lacking a youth pastor in churches was the local's explanation for why 13-20 year olds ("jr. youth") were lacking in the Wesleyan churches.

Haitian church roles often include a Lead pastor for the church and a Kid's Pastor/Leader  for ages 13 and under.

Those over 20 years old (who are considered still youth) are taking initiative and responsibility in creating a place in church for themselves and their peers, but they're lacking an intentionality in reaching down to the next generation.

So the 13-20 year old teens just aren't coming.

I know there are 13-20 year olds who can lead the charge in our churches (but that is the rare exception without an adult point figure).  I never noticed this before.

I've never said thank you to youth pastors simply because their choice to live beyond their same aged friends and peers and intentionally reach out to the next generation, is most certainly a huge reason why we don't have a much larger problem of no teens in our churches.

Thank you youth pastors for your selfless investment.  You go beyond your comfort to help lead those who need spiritual leaders.  You are one of the biggest proponents for the gospel by engaging humanity when we're younger and most open to receiving the gospel.  We need you in the church.

Thank you from the bottoms of my heart.


Unknown said...

YOUTH PASTORS ROCK! I am SO THANKFUL for my youth pastor. =)

M.Gaskill said...

Youth Pastors rule! I never knew that 20 somethings were considered still youth but it really makes sense. I believe 20 somethings are in a time of boldly becoming warriors. Trying with all their might to step up and fulfill an adult role but still tripping up most of the time as we are still young and partially in a stage of exploration. Thank YOU Brent. I appreciate your investment in all the youth I watched you love on and nurture, including myself.