Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My Quick Haiti Overlook

Here's The Basic Haiti Information I Found Important As I'm Preparing To Fly Into Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
(please be aware: all statistics are just approximates used as a reference point based off web searches)

Since Life Expectancy is Lower…
63 years old is Life Expectancy (compared to US-79 & CA-82)
This Means A Younger Population Which Means Younger Leaders.
Median age is 22 (US-37 & Canada-40)

The Feel Is…
95% Black (Ethnicity)
Speak French/Creole (only other country in North America besides Canada) (Language)
80% Roman Catholic (Religion)
Voodoo culture still has prominent effects.

Haiti’s Poverty…
Haiti’s poverty is considered among the most severe in the Western Hemisphere with potentially over half of the people living below the poverty line.
$1,000 is an estimate yearly per capita international income (US/Canada closer to $50,000)
This Affects Sanitation, Safety, Education, And A Variety Of Other Living Issues.

Haiti shares the main island beside the Dominican Republic.
Port-Au-Prince is the capital and main airport.
Just Saying...
Mangos are a main fruit.
Soccer is the main sport.
Bouki & Malis are a local folktale that compare the "Smartie" Malis & "Dummie" Bouki.
The 7.0 Earthquake in 2010 was huge devastation for buildings and people killing over 300,000.
Cholera outbreak started in 2010 
2012 Hurricane(s) & rain mixed with poverty limitations cause sickness & difficulties.

Yesterdays Facebook Post from Missionary Maya Gilles Describes the main purpose of this trip where I'm leading 10 Seminars in 5 days:

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Journeys and Seasons: The Good, The Bad, and Possibly the Ugly said...

I can't wait to hear all about it when we all return back to school! I hope you are truly blessed by this and that God will reveal Himself to you in a new way!