Thursday, September 01, 2016

After Camp (Day 3) The Gospel Is This Cool...

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Watch the #fallingplates video below... the Gospel of Jesus is so Cool!!!

We were dying inside and out...
but now we're given new life, love, and purpose!

Four Ideas To Focus on Jesus:
  1. Jesus can change your worst, most impossible scenarios and people into the best, most incredible stories of life and goodness.
  2. Keep your eyes open... God's giving you opportunities today to show Jesus' sacrificial love.
    1. REMEMBER: As you Surrender More, (walking with Jesus' power & the Spirit's help), you can Sin Less. (Gal 5:16)
  3. If you're seeing areas where you haven't acted like Christ since camp, take a few minutes right now and decide, "What action can I specifically surrender to be able to live more like Him this next week?" 
  4. Pray for an opportunity to share your faith with someone this week.

REMEMBER: He Turns Our Mess Into A Message
& God wants to do the same for others around you!

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(Keep Reading: Day 2 or Day 4)

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