Wednesday, September 07, 2016

My Car Traveling Secrets (for long trips)

I think most travelers have their "tricks" for those long drives...

I've driven a lot this summer between Canada & the USA. These ideas that have saved me more than once, hopefully they might help you too!

1. Power Converter  

The AC power plug for my computer has been helpful at times.

2. Vent Phone Holder

It holds my phone easily without getting in the way of the charging cord

3. EZ Pass

Worth It!

It's so nice to slowly drive through toll stations without having to fully stop, roll down the window, and pay a teller, especially when you're traveling with sleeping passengers.

4. Add "00", when using Canadian Credit Cards at US gas pumps that ask for a Zip Code (see example)

It can be frustrating driving in the USA with a Canadian credit card.  I try to pay at the pump, but it sometimes ask for the card's Zip Code.  The problem is it won't accept the Canadian 6 digit zip code instead of the USA 5 digit zip code, so I would have to cancel and go inside each time... until this answer below solved the problem!

5. Gas Cap Trick

I've only used this cap trick in extenuating circumstances, but it has definitely saved me a few times!

6. And when crossing the border, don't forget your Passport! :)

(I've been pretty close once or twice!)