Thursday, September 01, 2016

After Camp (Day 4) Think Marathon. #WarriorStatus

(Keep Reading: Day 3 or Day 5)
The Christian Life Is Like Training For A Marathon.

Think Marathon, instead of Sprint.
Train with Warrior Intensity.

You Might Want To Give A Warrior Cry Today! 
(Go outside or close the door to your room, flex, and fiercely scream with all you've got!)

Cast off Sin and Clothe yourself with Christ.
Fight for what's right.  
It's not always easy,
but it's worth it.  
It's Courage.
A Few Ways To Stand Up & Embrace Training With Warrior Intensity This Year:
  1. Stand Up For The Outsider when someone's picking on them.
  2. Stand Up For God, even if it will make you unpopular.
  3. Stand Up For Your Morals And What's Right, whether you're at home, school, a party, or a friend's house
REMEMBER: Weigh the Cost, And Answer His Call    (Luke 14)

Training like a warrior is more about training with intensity and focus, rather than violence or pride.  #warriorstatus is about courageously loving through truth and love, rather than fighting or violence. (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)

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