Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Knee Update

the infamous CPM machine
This is the machine i was on 6 hrs a day for 2 weeks after the surgery. I strapped myself in and it would bend up and down slowly.... it put me to sleep most of the time! THe funnest part was asking people for help when i was a useless lazy bum stuck in this machine... I still have the tendencey to yell at people for help but it is not effective without the machine anymore! :)
The doctor's say i am ahead of the game... but that doesn't mean much. Between 6-10 weeks the graft in my knee is weakest and the most prone to injury. This means that no matter how well i walk or feel, i really can't do much activity/sports. I did go and shoot some hoops outside by myself the other thought. I felt like a kid and it was great!!! ...juking out the invisible defender in front of me, shooting the last second shot 3..2..1... and then shooting the last second shot again because i am the only one who saw i missed 3..2..1... and then shooting it again- you get the picture, until i actually make the last minute shot and make the "crowd cheering sound" with my hands raised as i walk back into the house victorious. Good times. I should be pretty much full force by the next school year. Everything until then just takes time... That Kills Me!!!

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Jared said...

put some clothes on brent.
half of these pictures you're not wearing a shirt and the other half you're with different ladies (kelli being the coolest one in my opinion).