Friday, December 08, 2006

Driving Across Country and BIG news!

I am currently in Rapid City, South Dakota right now. I watched the San Diego sunset, said goobye to the house, family, and friends and hit the road Wednesday at 7:00PM, drove through the night with a 45 mintue power nap, and arrived in Rapid City about 7PM.

This is the Lickness Family that adopted me as their kid the last 3 months. Thank you guys so much!

I am spending time with Jennifer and Brandon in Rapid City Friday and driving the rest of the way to Indiana Friday night and Saturday morning to see friends at IWU and end up at home for the holidays.

BIG NEWS: check out jen and brandon's blog: News line reads that brent is going to be an uncle... ok more importantly the headline reads Jen & Brandon are GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!

I had a great time thinking and praying in the car about New Zealand. I will post some thoughts below on another post.


aaron said...

brent::: i'm so excited for you! i'll have to connect with you soon via phone. sorry i didn't call back after your sweet mensaje on my telefono. seriously, i'm sorry! i was in dallas, though, so i couldn't have come to your fiesta anyway. but just know i wanted to. really bad. lots of love, uncle brent. :::court

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,Tim, Barb, and all of the Lickness family. Wishing you all the best during this blessed Christmas season, and the whole year through!

God Bless,
Melody & Charles Bartoszak

Anonymous said...

It was nice seeing you at IWU! Tyler and enjoyed sitting and chatting with you. If you come across the name of that book you said might be helpful to me, let me know! Have a good time at home! -Anne