Sunday, December 31, 2006

First Day in New Zealand

Pictures above: group pics of me, dan, Geoff, and teens [downtown aucklund in background]
below: road going to Bethel beach

It is very green here! All of the roads, especially out of the city have all kinds of palm trees, yuccas, bushes, and ferns along the road... beautiful!

Below if my crazy schedule the first two days. tomorrow or the next day i will post a lot about what i have learned in New Zealand about the culture, people, and language

First day Schedule:
6:30am Arrived in Auckland, NZ
7:30am got picked up after going through customs
7:30-8:30 Met with Mike Yates(Pastor at Shoregrace the church we will serve at) and dan for breakfast in downtown auckland and walked around for a few minutes
8:30-12 napped
1:00PM Went to rollerblading Youth event
2-4:00 rollerbladed with Dan, Geoff Davies(NZ Wesleyan youth coordinator), and teens down walkway
4-4:30 Sight seeing
5-7 Dressed up and went to dinner with teens at Valentines (dinner buffet)
7-9PM Drove 40minutes to westcoast with teens to watch sunset over Bethel beach and the waves

9PM saw green glowwarms in a cave at the beach
11PM returned home
11pm-1am talked to family
1am-11am slept

11am-1pm read and talked to dan
1pm- went for run with dan
3pm mowed the families yard with riding lawn mower
5pm played croquet with the three boys at the house
7-11pm new year's eve party at the house
11:30-1am went and watched fireworks shoot off skytower in downtown auckland

Pictures Below: Me and tom(Mike Yates(13) son) in glow worm cave
The mackays are the host family Dan and i are staying with
Rod and Jan have 3 boys: james(15), rick(13), sam(11)

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