Friday, December 08, 2006

Lord, there is always more to do.

I like to consider myself an optimist but this seems to be one topic that I always end up on the wrong side of. I get excited about all the things I could be, but often get more frustrated then excited about how much there is still left to do in a day when it comes to relationships, work, money, and accomplishments I desire to achieve. In all reality, whether I am really busy or not, I seem to get about the same amount of tasking things done in the day. It is just the quality may suffer when I am busy and I may not get as many little things I would like to get done, done. So the problem may not even necessarily be that I am too busy to get things done because I always seem to come back to getting done what absolutely needs to be done. Yet I constantly find myself crying out in the back of my mind, “Please just let me have a blank slate! …Let me not have to answer to anyone and I will be fine. Then I can do what I want when I want to and everything that I do will be considered thoughtful and meaningful because it was something I didn’t have to do... (cont.)

So what would your answer be to this? priorities and focus were the answers the journal basically ended up coming to, but i am still figuring this one out so your wisdom is appreciated!

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