Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weekend with Dan

Dan Came in this weekend to San Diego! I just sent him off in the LA airport to Fiji where he will spend four days and continue to New Zealand 3 weeks before me. We got to spend some time in prayer and talking about the trip. I had a get together Saturday night and said bye to some friends. Then headed up to LA and played and prepared before sending dan off.
Time is flying. I am driving up to Indiana tomorrow(Wednesday) I am planning on stopping in South Dakota for a day to visit Jen and Brandon on my way out.

Then i will stop by Indiana Wesleyan University to visit some friends before school gets out. This is the year where the majority of my friends are still there and not going off different ways after they graduate yet so i am excited to see them.

The time with Dan was very encouraging. We are both nervously excited about what is to come. Shoregrace is excited about us getting involved at their church and it looks like a great fit. The more Dan and i talk about God, lives, and our future, i can tell that this will be a very fruitful time and yet i can tell this will be a big time of growing up and learning to.

I will have pictures being posted soon. I will get my camera when i get back to Indiana.


Lynne Howard said...

aw, jen looks so cute! What is going on in this picture?? I wanna see you while you are at IWU! Miss you friend! -AP

Jon said...

I'll be praying for you guys tonight most definitely. I hope Dan gets there all right because there's been some crazy stuff going on in Fiji lately government wise. I don't know if that is affecting flights or not.