Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Trip!

The biggest priority for coming back to the US when i did was family.

We stopped at my mom's parents farm in Lexington, North Carolina
I hadn't seen Nanna and Pappaw for about 3 years!

I have always enjoyed my time with them at the farm and wanted to make sure to spend time with them before heading back to New Zealand

They around 90 and going strong living on their own at the farm. I love it.

Fishing at the ponds on the farm is always fun. This is me, brandon, Nate(cousin), and Brenton
And it is always tradition to hike up the farm mountain to Drum rock

We were blessed. Friends let us stay at their beach house where we literally walked out the back door to the beach. We relaxed, surfed, played games, and just enjoyed each other.
I got to spend some time with the newest addition Jaylon Christian Bruce on the trip. He stole the show. So cute. Always moving. Always making faces. Always dressed so stylish. I still feel like i am going to break him when i hold him though.
It is fun to see your parents be romantic... every once in a while! :)

I was still readjusting to the culture but really enjoyed the time with the family who i love and love to be around. They are such a godly source of encouragement, joy, and support in my life. I am who i am today because of them, hands down.


Jon said...

I sure hope you got BBQ at Monk's while you were in Lexington. I had it once with red slaw two years ago and have been craving it ever since.

B said...

oo... forgot to, but will have to next time!