Friday, July 06, 2007

Surfing On Thursday

Another consistent reflectional thought because of Experiencing God:

Where is God Moving?
Has he called me to be a part of something i am not seeing, to wait patiently, or is New Zealand all he has given me at the time and i am supposed to work out the other details as i go along.

Thursday i was able to take Josh Bowlin, Aaron Fussner, Nate Fussner, James Mackay, and Jordan surfing! It was a good day. I love helping other enjoy new experiences and opportunities. Aaron and Nate stood up on their first day of surfing. So good. My favorite quote from Aaron was, "My only question is: why haven't i tried this sooner? I had a lot of quality time with some friends and James. I have been able to do so much relationally this past week. There are plenty of "shoulds" that have fallen through the cracks, but i feel like God has redeemed a lot for me.

Half way through this trip i was completely down on myself as a leader and planner. I still don't feel i am the best coordinator, but God has allowed this last week to work out well! I have been able to push others, push myself, search for God, and learn in the process!


Anonymous said...

Hey man, sorry I was in such a rush tonight at Cession... just stopped at home quickly before I head off to do my talk-show on the wireless for the evening.

Flick me an email and we'll organise a time to catch up and you can tell me a little more about yourself.


joyousadventures said...

ahh..fond memories of learning to surf!! :) You're a GREAT teacher, and you have mad surfin' skills...don't Q that! :)